No job is too small for me so things like coat hooks to refix, kitchen cupboards doors are sagging, a shelf to put up, flat pack furniture to assemble,TV wall brackets,new curtain poles, do'nt estitate to call..




  • Cupboard doors that don't close perfectly can be really irritating! A.M.A will get those doors perfectly aligned and opening/closing neatly.


  • We can help with hanging new doors, rehanging existing doors and repairing door frames that are old, rotten or broken.


  • We're perfect for building book shelves for a study wall or alcove or just mounting some pre-fab shelves on the wall.


  • Flat pack furniture assembly


  • Garden fencing, replacement gates and doors


  • Sheds and garden furniture assembly


  •  Much much more!






  • Due to regulations and safety, we are only allowed to carry out minor work.We work safely with years of experience.

  • Broken/damaged sockets and switches,light fitting problems, annoying trailing wires.

  • Fitting new light fittings.

  • Flat screen tv needs wall mounting etc.

  • Give us a call

  • Annoying dripping tap,slow draining bath/basins,

  • New garden tap installed.

  • Blocked WC

  • Install white goods like connections to washing/dish washing machines.

  • Want new taps fitting

  • Just looking to freshen up that painted wall

  • From the smallest room in the house to complete homes.

  • These are the kind of jobs which can be fitted in our busy schedule and will make a difference to your home.